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Our mission is rescuing abused and starving horses.

We devote our lives to our rescued horses. Although it is our passion to train and work with horses, even horses too old or injured for work are of great value to us. We love allowing them to retire in our safe pastures instead of seeing their lives end in starvation or slaughter. We give our rescues who are in good health a taste of freedom by letting them out of the ranch's fences to roam the surrounding desert. Free roaming horses still return to the ranch daily for food, water and grooming. We feel this is a great life for a horse and with your help we can continue helping horses have happiness.


Our self sustained eco-ranch horse sanctuary

At Hearts Help Horses we are constantly working toward transforming the ranch in to a self sustaining eco farm that harvests organic food for the horses and humans. The horse's manure is composted in to organic fertilizers and organic soil. Each harvest is more abundant than the last and our carbon footprint is steadily shrinking. We aim to be completely self sustained in 2018. We know we can do it with your support!


Our success stories - Happy Horses!!!

UPDATE!... We are up to 14 horses now!! Our happy healed horses Hermano, Rayo and Cherokee are enjoying the freedom to come and go as they please.

Hearts Help Horses has had our very first adoption! Sea, a rescued horse and his friend Ho-tee the donkey have won the hearts of their new owners! Find out how you can adopt a horse!

Noble, a beautiful horse who used to be little more than a skeleton has been healed and successfully trained with nonviolent training techniques. His training was so successful he is able to offer free horses back rides on the beach to young children! Children under the  age of five have ridden Noble without assistance, taking the reins themselves! The children's smiles are priceless and Noble loves their attention.

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Hearts Help Horses -Training Video 001

Horse training can be a tricky thing.  After this buck I got bucked again !! We're still working it out!

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Coming Soon!!!


We plan to have the website fully operational by December 2019. You will be able to see before and after pictures of the rescued horses, watch us train horses without violence, see Noble swim, check out Noble's beach walks with kids, meet the ranch's other rescues, learn about our future plans and projects, plus much more! Planning a trip to Scorpion Bay? Come meet the horses and check out our progress!


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Hearts Help Horses

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